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Low-Cost Series Portable Soft Wall Clean Rooms from Airtech, Quality You Can Afford.

CalTech, Ligo Project, Allied-Signal, Boeing...they all have one thing in common.
Soft wall clean rooms from AIRTECH. Portable, lightweight, quality clean rooms that keep your environment clean. Without cleaning out you budget.
AIRTECH soft wall clean rooms are competitively priced- and actually cost less than many other soft wall clean rooms...for standard and custom configurations!
Quality Engineered!
Every component in our soft wall clean rooms is engineered to deliver lasting performance and value.
Rugged, durable AIRTECH designs will stand up to the rigors of production for years- even if the system is moved frequently.
Plus, we back up our systems with a one-year warranty on all parts and service!
With our modular approach, you can specify AIRTECH soft wall clean room to meet your exact requirements- from Class 100,000 to Class 100 clean rooms.
In an AIRTECH soft wall clean room, the single-path, one-through airflow design provides near-laminar airflow and rapid purge- to keep air clean and prevent turbulence!
Easy to Install!
A typical 10' x 10' room with two self-powered HEPA filters can be installed in only two to three hours. And disassembly is just as easy!
Get a Clean Advantage!
If you're looking for a quality soft wall clean room at a low price, look to AIRTECH.
Get the same clean advantage we've given some of the biggest names around.
Call, write, or fax us today.
AIRTECH For Quality Clean Rooms You Can Afford.
Note: Curtains come approximately 6” to 12” from the floor!

Standard Features
•80" Inside Clearance
•White Epoxy Paint
•Single Point Electrical Connection
•Separate Light and Blower Switch
•Strip Curtain Entry-1 Side
•3 Side Solid Curtains
•Adjustable Glides

Optional Features
•Antistatic Vinyl Curtains
•Custom Sizes and Configurations
•Duplex Outlets
•Aero Bar Ionizing System
•Static Control Grid

481 4x8 1 1,000 4097
482 4x8 2 100 5151
661 6x6 1 1,000 4366
662 6x6 2 100 5421
681 6x8 1 5,000 4674
682 6x8 2 1,000 5729
882 8x8 2 5,000 6191
883 8x8 3 1,000 7246
884 8x8 4 100 8300
8102 8x10 2 10,000 6955
8103 8x10 3 5,000 8139
8104 8x10 4 1,000 9161

Portable Garment Storage Unit:

The AIRTECH Portable Garment Storage Unit is designed for easy and safe storage of your clean-room garments. The unit consists of 20 millimeter clear vinyl on three sides and top, with the front panel providing access through a hanging strip curtain of the same material. The hanging vinyl curtains are secured with dual lock velcro strips. Optional casters can be installed upon request, creating a truly mobile clean closet for your facility, custom sizes are also available.

The entire unit is constructed with cold rolled steel (060 wall tubing), and finished in a durable white powder coat only. The optional Hepa filter unit is sealed and has an aluminum finish. The Hepa unit is self-powered and will help keep the garments as clean as possible, creating a positive pressure environment with airflow rated at Class 100 or better.

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